“OK Google” “Cortanta what’s the weather outside?” “SIRI play me Boston – More Than a Feeling” and we haven’t touched self driving cars. Artificial intelligence is invading our lives at a rapid pace and before you know it self driving cars will be commonplace as strange as it feels right now. AI has been widely and wildly portraying in movies and TV show for a century. Who doesn’t remember HAL’s calm creepy voice in 2001 a Space Odyssey or Skynet’s malevolence in the Terminator series.  So while it is possible for A.I. to be dangerous the likelihood of it gaining consciousness and taking over the world is pretty slim to none.

It is most likely that the current services you see in the entertainment or tech industry will continue to get better and gain popularity. industry will continue to flourish with self learning and self repairing computers.

The short term goal is for AI to impact society in a beneficial way by lowering our carbon footprint and keeping the workplace a safer place. We will explore all A.I. has to offer, from cool cars to high tech gadgets, from new farm equipment to new factory robots. We will even take a trip down memory lane be taking a peek at old sci-fi movies to see what they got right and quite a bit about what they got wrong. We’re glad you found us come back to explorer the world of Artificial Intelligence.