Artificial intelligence is a businesses’ new best friend. It can help a business with a variety of tasks and streamline their productions. There are some companies that are creating A.I., artificial intelligence, and leading the field with their skills and discoveries.

What Can Artificial Intelligence Do?

It can be used for many different reasons. It can go through large groups of data and sort them into smaller groups. Things like ages, genders, location, and the like. It can suggest things that you might like, for example, movies on Netflix or brands at retailers.

It can recognize voices and interact with you. Many chatbots use A.I. to communicate in a more human manner. It will also turn your words into text so you don’t have to type out long messages. There’s the self-driving or parking car that uses A.I. too.

Some People Are Not Fans of A.I.

Some people are not fans of this technology. People like Elon Musk believe that A.I. spells the end of the world. They picture movies like Terminator and I, Robot.

He invested in the company DeepMind before it got taken over by Google. It wasn’t a matter of making more money, but as a way to keep an eye on the A.I. progress.

He’s upset some of his friends and fellow techies by implying that they may be making something evil. He doesn’t think they do it on purpose but he still believes it will happen.

He’s not the only person who is wary of it. Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, and more are on Musk’s side.

The Best Artificial Intelligence Companies

There are many artificial intelligence companies that are constantly evolving, but some are rising above the rest.

1. DeepMind

This company is at the height of A.I. research. Their papers are highly respected within the research community, and the papers are on a variety of topics like Deep Reinforcement Learning, Bayesian Neural Nets, Robotics, and more.

The company is London based and are able to recruit extremely smart people from Oxford and Cambridge. They hire a diverse team. There’s traditional software engineers, UX designers, and even ecologists.

2. OpenAI

Also a big player when it comes to A.I research. OpenAI has a team of individuals that are respected within the field. Even though they are still in the startup stage they are moving quickly up the ranks.

They are also becoming a bit of a Robin Hood company by unlocking software that was only available to large companies. This has allowed other small companies to do their own research. It has also put pressure on other groups to share their codes and tools as well.

3. SoundHound

This company’s focus is creating the most powerful voice assistant ever. What started as a song recognition app has evolved into an A.I. capable of answering complex prompts.

Instead of turning language into text like most virtual assistants do, the app’s A.I. combines voice recognition and language understanding into one step. This helps speed up results and lowers the chances of mistakes.

4. IBM

This company’s A.I. system, Watson, has been the all the rage since 2011 when it beat two world champions on Jeopardy. Many businesses use this technology to help streamline their processes.

With all the partnerships IBM has, it opens up their resource pool. This allows for more research and experimentation.

5. Freenome

This company is a little different, it focuses more on healthcare. It works with liquid biopsies that are popular in the medical world right now. It’s when you can find cancer using blood samples instead of the traditional methods.

This company claims that its A.I. can use blood to identify where the bad tissue is or likely to be, and whether it’s malignant or benign. It studies the DNA in the blood, finding if there are any biological signs of cancer and where it could be. It can even suggest what treatments would work best.

6. Bowery Farming

This company is possibly changing the face of agriculture by being able to grow crops indoors. Sensors at each facility collect data points regarding factors like humidity, temperature, and lights. Cameras observe any changes as the plants grow. And the A.I., determines and adjust to the ideal conditions for each batch.

This helps make a bigger harvest along with better taste, texture, and color. The company claims that its more than a hundred times more efficient than a traditional farm.

What Will Happen?

Whether you are a supporter or a worrier about A.I., it will be interesting to see where the field goes. At the moment it seems to have polarizing ends. Either it will make our lives better in every way or it will take over the world.

Let’s see what will happen.