As artificial intelligence is developing, so are the software options that people can download and use to make their life easier. From virtual assistants, to chatbot systems, analytics tools, and many others, the possibilities are endless. If you’re a fan of AI, and would like to use artificial intelligence software in your day-to-day life, then you’re in the right place. Today’s guide is all about the top 6 best artificial intelligence software options that anyone should try. Let’s see what they promise to provide you with!

6 Artificial Intelligence Software Options to Keep in Mind


Braina is an artificial intelligence virtual assistant that is suitable for every computer that has a Windows operating system. Technically, its main appeal is the fact that it’s a multi-language speech recognition software. As such, it can help people with dictation, filling out forms, and so on. Still, this isn’t everything Braina can do. It can also help you find information, search the web, set reminders, open files and websites, take notes, and many other cool things, all with the help of its voice command feature.

As a result, this artificial intelligence software can be of great use to anyone who wants to increase their productivity, be it when it comes to personal matters or business tasks. People from all over the world are already using it. Moreover, they seem to be extremely satisfied with its high-quality performance. If you’re looking for the Braina artificial intelligence software download option, you can find it on the Brainasoft website.


The second piece of artificial intelligence software we’d like to talk about today is called nanorep. This works to improve communication between businesses and their customers. Since today’s business field is definitely client-oriented, this software jumps on the bandwagon by coming up with a way in which brands can make clients feel supported and understood 24/7.

Nanorep provides businesses with the ability to create personalized interactions with customers, which they can offer in real-time. One feature that we’re particularly fond of is the fact that you can use it across many digital platforms. From traditional websites, to mobile CRM deployments, to the most popular messaging platforms out there, it works with everything.


Are you looking for a predictive analytics tool that can help you learn more about different users by scanning the data they provide you with? Then you’re definitely going to want to hear more about DAVinCI LABS. This is an artificial intelligence software that helps people automate and optimize their predictive modelling processes. That way, they can rely more on machine learning.

Machine learning is one of the core aspects of AI. That’s quite obvious if we take a look at this incredible piece of software. It’s designed for financial institutions and financial experts. Moreover, it aims to help them improve their knowledge and use it to predict the future of their endeavors. What we must mention about DAVinCI LABS is that it doesn’t only provide you with predictive models in just a few moments. It also gives you information regarding their application.


Yet another artificial intelligence software for PC that aims to improve communication between businesses and customers, Kore works for large enterprises. It doesn’t only rely on an all-in-one Bots Platform. It also relies on the latest and most advanced pieces of smart technology you can find on the market. What Kore does is help enterprises create and put into action chatbots that connect their workforce with their customers.

The reason why Kore is so popular is because it doesn’t simply rely on automated messages, but on personalized ones. All the magic happens in their Enterprise Messaging Platform. This will definitely become your favorite communication hub. Just wait until you get a feel of how secure, reliable, and easily manageable it is.


What better way to engage customers on location than to allow them to experience the best your store has to offer, based on their preferences? Yes, you heard that right, you can now do that with Sophatar. This is a software based on real-time analytics (which provide you with relevant information about your customers) and location-based services (which allow you to use it in your store). Experts designed it to help businesses turn leads into customers when they happen to visit their store.

If you’re wondering how this artificial intelligence software can accomplish that, we’re here to tell you all about it. Whenever someone walks into your store, Sophatar adjusts the A/V playout already programmed into your screens. It does that by looking at the interests of that specific person. Then, the potential customer can use his or her phone to select the content they like best from what you’re showing on every screen. Moreover, he or she can do that without having to use Wi-Fi.

Virtual Assistant Denise

Finally, the last artificial intelligence software we want to mention today is yet another virtual assistant. This time, it’s one that has the full package. It’s available both for MAC OS computers and PC Desktops. Plus, it comes with the Nuance Dragon 12.5 Speech Recognition Dictation system. This is definitely one of the best on the market. Moreover, you’ll find that Denise is highly customizable and able to learn new things. Thus, it’s the perfect assistant when it comes to interaction between humans and computers.

If you’re looking for a virtual assistant that can help you search the web, schedule appointments, check emails, run apps, receive news, and so on, you might want to consider Denise. You’ll feel as if you’re talking to an actual person, which is the whole point of great virtual assistants anyway.

Summing It All Up

We hope you’ve managed to find quite a few favorite artificial intelligence software options in today’s short guide. Moreover, we hope they’ll prove to be useful to you. If nothing else, they stand as proof of how much AI has managed to develop, and how much easier these software tools can make our lives. From virtual assistance, to customer analytics, to business communication, anything is possible with AI.

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