Have you been looking into the self driving or electric car craze? Are you wondering about the benefits of self driving cars? Well, look no further. Below we have put together a list of the top ten best benefits of self driving cars. Our list will take a look at some of the largest societal impacts as well as deep dive into what you can expect from changes in your everyday life.

If you are on the cusp of deciding whether to purchase a self driving car instead of a gasoline-powered car, you are going to want to read our list. Keep reading below to learn more!

Self Driving Cars FAQ

Are you confused about self driving cars? Does this seem like a futuristic technology that can’t possibly already be here? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Self driving cars confuse a lot of people and that’s why we took the time to put together a list of the most commonly asked questions that pop up when discussing this new technology. Keep reading to find the answers to your questions below!

1. What Is a Self Driving Car?

2. How Do Self Driving Cars Work?

4. Where Can You Buy Them?

5. Will There Be More?

6. Does It Help the Environment?

Overall Price Range of Self Driving Cars (and Other Similar Products)

The price range for self driving cars fluctuates wildly. For example, the BMW i8, electric car, can be purchased for a premium price. That being said, but there are also Tesla model cars that can be purchased on a reasonable price. 

In fact, Tesla specifically lists their Enhanced Autopilot as an additional expense at checkout. These cars are usually found for purchase on the manufacturers’ website or at a designated dealership.

Benefits of Self Driving Cars

Our list of benefits for self driving cars was put together based on extensive research across a wide range of platforms and sources. The benefits on our list showcase the greatest potential gains for society.

Additionally, we wanted to ensure we touched home and included some of the key benefits that the everyday consumer would experience.

  • Fewer Accidents
  • Decreased Traffic
  • Increased Highway Capacity
  • Lower Fuel Consumption
  • Enhanced Human Productivity
  • Finding Parking
  • Improved Mobility
  • Elimination of Traffic Enforcement Personnel
  • Higher Speed Limits
  • Lighter More Versatile Cars
  • Fewer Accidents

    There are numerous benefits of self driving cars and one of the most important on our list is fewer accidents. Believe it or not, the number one cause of most car accidents is user error. That’s right. It’s not drunk driving or flat tires, it is the driver themselves making a common driving error.

    Other benefits of self driving cars include the ability to go out, have a few drinks, and get home safely, in your own car. Not needing to call a cab or ask the designated driver for help is a huge plus considering almost 40 percent of all accidents involve some form of substance use.

    The Eno Center released a study stating that 4.2 million accidents could be prevented if 90 prevent of the cars on the road were self-driving. That’s an incredible influx of safety being that over 20,000 lives could be saved on average.

    Decreased Traffic

    No one likes traffic and we think it is safe to say that one of the best benefits of self driving cars is a decrease in overall traffic. If you live in highly populated locations, where people continue to flock, like California or Colorado, then you know how detrimental traffic can be to your everyday life. We have also learned that the leading cause of traffic jams is due to selfish drivers.

    People who are being slow on purpose to teach someone a lesson is a childish act that causes much more harm than you realize. Additionally, those who do not allow people to pass or change lanes cause even more delays. The more selfish we become as drivers, the more traffic we will see. One of the best benefits of self driving cars is that it takes out the human element of emotion, pettiness, and road rage!

    Increased Highway Capacity

    As we learned above, human error and human emotion can play a big role in traffic delays. Continuing on with the benefits of self driving cars is the increased highway capacity. Not only are selfish and spiteful drivers causing delays but simple human reaction time is as well.

    Normally, the distance that should be between two, moving, vehicles at any given time should be around 115 feet. This is what has been designated as a safe distance in which human reaction time could work at its finest. When you take the human element out of the actionless needed to take place you increase your success rate.

    If 90 percent of all the cars on the road were self driving you could reduce this safe space to a mere 16 feet instead of the 115 feet. This rate is even applicable with speeds up to 75 miles per hour.

    Lower Fuel Consumption

    If you are a fan of politics, then you know the importance that comes from needing less gasoline. Lower fuel consumption is one of the biggest benefits of self driving cars to date. Not only is electricity cheaper than gas, but we can also provide it much easier than foreign gasoline.

    One of the most telling pieces of information around lower fuel consumption in accordance with self-driving cars is the gallons of fuel or electricity, we would save. Once self-driving cars eliminate traffic congestion, as we learned about above, we could save over 2.9 gallons of fuel every single year!

    Enhanced Human Productivity

    Think back to your high school days where you had to ride the bus to school. Did you ever fit in a quick cramming session, finish a paper, or squeak out an assignment during your ride? This is one of the benefits of self driving cars that we perceive in the future. The ability to enhance human productivity will only help to enhance our species as a whole.

    Think about how wonderful it would be to answer important calls, start a Skype meeting, read a book, shave your face, and even do your makeup during your commute. The future of self driving cars enables us to save time and get the most out of our days.

    Plus, think about the boom in consumable media such as podcasts and YouTube videos with the sudden increase in leisure time with commutes.

    Finding Parking

    Valet parking is a luxury that not many can afford. However, if you get a self driving car, you have your very own valet at your beck and call. Believe it or not, many self driving cars can be programmed to let you out at the entrance of locations and go park itself.

    This suddenly eliminates that endless dance you play in parking lots with other drivers trying to find an open spot. Now you can simply get to your destination and hop out of your car without a second thought.

    One of the best benefits of self driving cars is the ability to have your car find parking on its own and come and pick you up when you are ready to go. It may sound overly futuristic but it is very much real!

    Improved Mobility

    People with movement disabilities or conditions that affect the eyesight aren’t likely to be able to drive. Having the ability to hop in your car and go anywhere you want is a privilege many people take for granted.

    One of the biggest benefits of self driving cars is the rate of improved mobility. This goes for the elderly as well. Self driving cars help take the worry of human error away from driving incidents and helps provide unrivaled peace of mind for loved ones.

    Elimination of Traffic Enforcement Personnel

    You can’t think about the highway without thinking about cops taking radar. Eliminating the need for traffic enforcement is one of the often overlooked benefits of self driving cars.

    If your car is programmed to drive the speed limit, stop at red lights, and obey all traffic laws then the need for police would greatly diminish on the roads. This frees up the enforcement personnel’s time to focus on dealing with larger, more important crime.

    Higher Speed Limits

    We all have been a little guilty of driving over the speed limit, especially when we are late. One of the key benefits of self driving cars is the transition to higher speed limits. If 90 percent of all the cars on the road were self driving then we could have higher speed limits. Higher speed limits mean that you can get to your location faster!

    Lighter More Versatile Cars

    Gasoline-powered cars are heavy and meant to withstand horrific accidents. When you make self driving cars, you eliminate human error and therefore most car accidents.

    When car accidents are rare, there is no longer a need to create cars make of heavy-duty materials. Instead, one of the benefits
    of self driving cars is that cars would become lighter and more fuel-efficient because they would need to be less safe.

    The Verdict

    After taking a look at all of the benefits of self driving cars, we still believe the most important aspect is the decrease in accidents. Car crashes due to silly, human errors claim the lives of too many innocent people every single year.

    You can be the best driver in the world, in the safest car, but if the person next to you makes a bad decision, you are no longer safe. Self driving cars work to eliminate human error and emotion which are two of the most dangerous aspect of utilizing such a large, moving machine.