Artificial intelligence (commonly known as AI) is a field that keeps on developing, surprising us with its breakthroughs on a regular basis. At the same time, there are many theories related to the future of artificial intelligence and what will it bring us next. One thing’s for sure, and that is that artificial intelligence will keep on developing faster and faster.

While this is happening, people are divided into two camps: those who think AI can make our lives better, and those who consider it a danger to humanity. Today, we’re going to explore a couple of possible scenarios for artificial intelligence in the future. Let’s have a look!

The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Possibilities

Robotic Implants Will Help People

Perhaps one of the most relevant ways in which artificial intelligence can shape the future of humanity is by helping people who have lost a limb regain full functionality. In this scenario, the future of artificial intelligence would see it become an assistant to humans’ needs. It would actively enhance their capacities. People who want to do something but can’t because of their missing limb(s) will be able to control AI in order to be able to do the same things they used to.

This idea goes beyond mundane tasks. Let’s imagine, for instance, someone wanting to swim professionally with a robotic limb. If the human brain could partner up with artificial intelligence, they could successfully control the limb to help that person swim.

AI Will Allow Us to Explore More

Apart from improving human capacities, the future of artificial intelligence could also improve humans’ ability to explore new and foreign territories. What we refer to here aren’t only areas limited to the Earth, but also beyond. The oceans are definitely something worth exploring further, once we get the technology to do so. Still, space is undoubtedly the most appealing new frontier for many people.

The interesting thing to note here is that the future will bring artificial technology that is easy to integrate in our day-to-day lives. What we mean by this is that you won’t look at a piece of artificial intelligence and consider it out of the ordinary. It will feel just as helpful and necessary as the mobile phone did when it first hit the market.

New Technology Will Keep Us Safe

Many people have their doubts about the safety levels of AI. However, one of the potential future uses of it could be to keep humankind safe from different kinds of disasters. Here, think in terms of nuclear disasters, traffic accidents, and dangerous situations that can cause a lot of deaths. Robotic technology could be the answer to these problems. Not only by helping us prevent part of them, but also by helping us react accordingly and more efficiently when they do happen.

One of the most important consequences of this use of AI in the future is that people will get to live longer and healthier lives. Moreover, they’ll manage to be more independent for a longer period of time.

We Could Become Cyborgs

There’s no denying that this idea sounds like science fiction to some people, especially those who fear AI. Still, if we consider the first future AI possibility we’ve mentioned in this article, namely that of a partnership between humans and machines, the idea doesn’t seem as far away from reality as it used to. Most people think there’s a clear separation between humans and AI. In fact, whether we think of the future of artificial intelligence as a friend or an enemy, the reality is that it’s most likely going to become a part of us.

Of course, this also reveals some of the dangers of artificial intelligence. For instance, if we become so evolved that we can simply download a set of skills we want to possess, and pay money for it, what will happen to people who can’t afford that? More importantly, if our brains will become as powerful and omniscient as the internet, couldn’t hackers technically hack into our brains as well?

Applications Will Help Us Predict the Future

Consider predicting the future in a way that doesn’t involve divination and/or magic powers, but artificial intelligence applications. One of the future uses of AI involves learning from past mistakes (or from the past in general). This helps us predict what could happen in the future. This ability can be used for anything, from finding out where someone is going to move next, to when you’re going to have a baby, or when you’ll meet the love of your life.

If this sounds like an impossibility, take a moment to consider how much of it is happening already. For instance, many companies are using AI to predict what we’re going to buy next and offer us great discounts. Whether we realize these things or not when we consume certain products, the truth is they’re happening. Moreover, they will continue to happen at a more accelerated pace in the future.

AI Will Change the Way We Socialize

Technology has already changed the way we socialize. If some 40 years ago, people still communicated via letters, nowadays, only the eternally romantic choose to write letters. Most people use texts, tweets, FaceTime sessions, and so on in order to communicate with the people around them. If you’re familiar with the movie “Her”, then you have a slight idea of how the future might look like. The movie presents the relationship between a writer and an operating system.

Not only will we get farther away from using face to face communication. We’re also more likely to form relationships with artificial intelligence instead of actual human beings. That’s because AI will be able to adapt to what humans want and feel.

Wrapping Everything Up

These are just a couple of possibilities in the future of artificial intelligence. Still, they’re some of the most relevant and likely ones. Whether you’re one of the people who praises AI and looks forward to seeing it advance more, or one of the people who fear its ability to manipulate humans and ultimately harm them, there’s no denying that artificial intelligence is becoming an important part of our lives as we speak.

Image Source: LinkedIn