We no longer can live without technology. We use it to get around, to communicate, and to educate. Technology and society are so intertwined that sometimes we forget how technology affects society.

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Technology can be a force for good. It has improved medicine, given people a way to communicate from far away, and helps keep us safer.

1. Mechanizing Agriculture

Using technology farmers are able to grow a lot of food in a short amount of time. This gives them higher returns on investments because it’s quicker and more efficient.

Through government subsidies, farmers have been able to get plowing, sowing, watering, and harvesting machines. These machines do all the hard labor that the farmer used to do.

2. Transportation

Getting around has never been easier. People with or without cars are able to go places like their job, grocery stores, or any other place without having to walk for miles and miles.

Technology has created cars, buses, trains, airplanes, motorcycles, ships, and other transport vehicles.

Imagine if we didn’t have these?

3. Communication

We can now talk to each other in so many different ways. We have phones, radio, messaging, video chatting, social networking, to name a few.

Because of all this communication an internet society has been created. Many people who feel alone are able to find new friends. They do it through sites sharing their hobbies, the shows they like to watch, or maybe the art they create.

4. Education

Education has vastly improved with the help of technology. Using videos, slideshows, Smart Boards, computers, and more, students are more engaged in their learning.

There is also tutoring done entirely through the computer, educational games for younger students, and new fields to study—all due to technology.

5. Cooking

Can you imagine not having a refrigerator? A microwave? A toaster?

It might be easy to forget but these things weren’t always around. We now eat better because we have more ways to cook food, we can store food longer, and we have access to healthier food.

​6. Power to the People

The internet has now allowed regular people to know what’s really happening in the world. We no longer have a single source for news.

Twitter, in particular, has been a tool to share information. Reporters send tweets out about politicians, celebrities, and more.

People have created movements through Twitter alone. There’s the Women’s March, Black Lives’ Matter, and the National Walkout for gun control.

Before the technology to create these tools were available, we only had the news that people in control wanted us to have. There was no way of finding out if they were telling the truth.

Now, the control is in our hands.

How Technology Affects Society in Negative Ways

There are some negatives when it comes to technology. Many people feel that we are too dependent on it or that it’s causing us to lose our humanity.

1.Resource Depletion

Because of all the technology that we’ve created, there is more pressure on the earth’s natural resources.

Cell phones, in particular, require aluminum and once that’s gone, it takes a billion years to grow back. Think about how many cell phones are being created every day.

​2. Increased Pollution

Manufacturing releases harmful chemicals and gasses into the air. This has caused climate changes that are killing off animal species and the regions they live in.

Old technology creates some dangerous litter. Things like old batteries, light bulbs, and other unneeded tech are polluting the earth.

​3. Addicted to Our Phones

Because our phones are now mini computers in our hands, we’re quite dependent on them. We get anxiety if we can’t find our phone. We tend to stare at our phones more than we should.

Our sleep patterns are getting messed up by the constant exposure to bright screens.

There are even life-threatening consequences like texting while driving.

​4. Less Activity

Because of all this technology, we are less physically active than we used to be. We don’t need to walk around anymore—we have vehicles for that.

For entertainment, we sit and watch TV or play video games.

​5. Hackers

With the rise of technology, there has been a rise in hacking as well. Hackers can break into databases and steal our identities, our credit card numbers, and other personal info. You tend to see a lot of news about hackers stealing some sort of information.

It’s All About How You Use It

Technology affects society in many ways. It’s up to us on how we use it. Many people are battling the pollution problem by creating Green technology. We can either use technology to make ourselves better or let it take over and lose ourselves in it.