IBM has up its game in the AI field, with their latest creation Watson. Watson is such a good AI that businesses have started to use it to help their operations run smoother and to make more profits.

What is AI?

AI stands for artificial intelligence. It’s when a computer or machine can learn like a human and mimic humans in some ways.

IBM Watson

Watson burst onto the scene in 2011 and grabbed everyone’s attention. How did it do that? It beat two world champions on Jeopardy and brought home the million-dollar prize.

Since then, Watson has gained more capabilities through APIs like Alchemy for sentiment analysis, Tone Analyzer for personality and emotional analysis, and Conversation a chatbot builder. This makes it a better IBM AI because it can understand humans even better than before.

10 Businesses Using Watson

You’ve probably interacted with Watson. IBM has shared this technology with many different businesses. They don’t advertise their use of it because they don’t want their competitors to use the AI as well.

1. Staples

Staples has integrated the learning capabilities of Watson to create a “smart” ordering button. The button can be placed in an office and will make orders when someone says to. You can say “Order more paper,” or use text and email to order.

Staples hopes to reduce ordering time and complications that can come with ordering online.

2. Wimbledon

Wimbledon is using Watson’s AI to create automated video highlights. This means the video editor won’t have to quickly cut and edit to put a highlights package together.

Watson’s engine pulls information in to create video highlights based on crowd noise, social traction, facial recognition, and sentiment analysis of the player.

Wimbledon also used Watson’s technology to create a mobile app called Ask Fred. It will answer any questions from fans visiting Wimbledon in natural language.

3. The North Face

This retailer is using Watson to help customers find the perfect jacket. The North Face will ask a few questions like “When and where will you be using this jacket?” and “What activity will be doing?”

From this, the IBM AI should be able to find the best jacket for you.

4. General Motors

Back in 2016, IBM and General Motors joined together to add AI to GM’s cars. They hope to offer location-based products and services to you while in your car.

GM’s OnStar Go is the industry’s first cognitive mobility service and uses machine learning to understand user preferences and recognize patterns found in your decision data. From that, you will receive personalized marketing services from many of GM’s partners.

5. Condé Nast

The media giant partnered with Watson to build informed social media campaigns for its brands.

The software built by IBM offers their customers, like Vogue and the New Yorker, insight into who to target their campaigns towards and what celebrities would make good brand ambassadors.

6. Macy’s

Macy’s new mobile service, called Macy’s On-Call, helps customers with any questions they may have about the store’s products. Watson allows the customers to ask in a natural way versus having to use robotic phrases.

Macy’s is hoping that this will open up new ways to engage with customers and give a new level of service.

7. American Cancer Society

The IBM AI partnered with the American Cancer Society to create a virtual adviser that uses machine learning to offer patients personalized information and advice.

To determine the kind of advice to give, the advisor will look at the type of cancer the patient has, what stage, and their previous treatments. This will let the patient talk naturally and get audio responses.

8. Sesame Workshop

Watson and Sesame Workshop partnered to improve early childhood education around the world.

Together they will create new educational products and systems that can adapt to different learning styles and change according to each child’s aptitude level.

9. Under Armour

The sportswear brand partnered with IBM to produce in-depth health and fitness insights through digital health and fitness applications powered by Watson.

The app will act as a personal trainer, providing users with suggestions for optimal health and fitness based on Watson’s insights.

10. H&R Block

H&R Block uses Watson to streamline the process to prepare taxes. It improves client communications, identifies deduction opportunities, and optimizes your filing strategy.

Unlike a human, Watson can analyze all 74,000 pages of tax code and keep up with any changes without pulling its hair out.

The Hidden Assistant

It’s incredible that this one IBM AI helps out all these companies and so many more without us knowing. As more technology develops it wouldn’t be surprising that we see more AI in businesses and other industries.

Maybe it’ll develop enough to help the individual person.

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