When the leading scientific minds of this generation repeatedly chorus, “Artificial intelligence is the future”, they’re right. Whether pushing the limits of machine learning in Silicon Valley research laboratories or warning the general public of the dangers of misused AI, thought leaders in tech agree that AI will radically change the way we learn, understand, and educate on a very personal scale.

This truth makes AI an exciting field for any tech-oriented student to explore. Getting acquainted with AI can open up possibilities that no other field can – since AI is set to radically change nearly every aspect of the tech world.

But how should budding AI students introduce themselves to this exciting subject? The best way to support academic study of the underlying technologies is by paying attention to the most popular machine learning blogs online.

However, as any quick search will show, most of these blogs are densely scientific. Anyone who isn’t already deeply familiar with neural network technology will have a hard time following them. Thankfully, a host of jargon-free machine learning blogs written in clear, understandable language exist – and these are your best bet for gaining familiarity with the subject.

Top Eight Most Readable Machine Learning Blogs

If you want to grasp machine learning with intuitive, no-nonsense writing, check out any of the following blogs on the subject.

1. Marginally Interesting

Mikio Braun, data scientist at Technische Universitat Berlin, is the author of Marginally Interesting. Although at first glance it seems like Braun’s academic background would indicate a blog full of hard science and narrow, deeply complicated topics, the opposite is true. Braun seems to prefer leaving the hardest science in the classroom, and instead ponders the future of AI while drawing on its past – as a Computer Science enrollee from 1995, his perspective is informed by a pre-dot-com boom passion for artificial intelligence.

2. Machine Learning Made Easy

This blog, also called FastML, is well-known in AI academia and industry. Its author Zygmunt (bewilderingly pronounced “Ziontz”), is a Polish economist who specifically created the website in order to translate high-level machine learning subjects into simple, understandable English. The blog explores subjects such as Hyperband sampling optimization, Deep Learning architecture, and how to make attractive-looking dataset visualizations.

3. Steve’s Machine Learning Blog

This one can get a little technical, but Steve Geringer does a good job of explaining obscure terms and abbreviations before going into detail about how they relate to advances in machine learning. Geringer is a data science solutions architect at IBM, where he is responsible for developing proof-of-concept prototypes on machine learning algorithms – making him highly qualified to advance the field while explaining its fundamental concepts.

4. Victor Lavrenko’s YouTube Channel

Unique among the machine learning blogs in this list, Victor Lavrenko decided to make YouTube his primary platform for explaining the finer points of machine learning, data analysis, and neural networks, among other subjects. The video format fits his explanatory style well, and offers surprisingly a accessible learning experience both for students of AI and tech professionals alike.

5. MIT News – Machine Learning

Again, while you would expect an academic institution to focus on the densest scientific subjects, MIT breaks the mold by offering up-to-date news on machine learning’s place in the world. This is a great blog to follow if you are considering a career in machine learning. Here, you’ll find news on the latest advances in the field as well as noteworthy actions by its leading players like IBM.

6. Calculated Content

Dr. Charles H. Martin is a machine learning consultant whose job primarily involves developing machine learning strategies for clients like GoDaddy and BlackRock Financial. As such, he’s used to explaining the benefits and drawbacks of machine learning strategies to clients who may not have any formal education in the subject, and his blog shows it. This is a great resource for people who want to learn about machine learning and aren’t afraid of getting into some code and mathematics to do so.

7. The BigML Blog

BigML’s tagline is Machine Learning Made Simple, and that describes the company’s approach to blogging just as well as it describes its products and services. While many of the company’s blog posts cover basic company news, at least a few times per month it will cover important introductory concepts and problem-solving tutorials about machine learning – dealing with unbalanced data, for instance.

8. MLWave

MLWave is the most technical blog on this list, but it is still an accessible resource on the finer points of machine learning and AI. While a few of its posts descend into experts-only jargon, much of the site’s beautifully formatted content is highly accessible. Helpfully, most AI terms are explained, either in-text or through links, and much of the content focuses on higher-level overview-style approach thinking for machine learning problems.

Prepare for the Future with Machine Learning Blogs

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that computer and information research science jobs will grow faster than the average for all occupations between the years 2014 and 2024. Of the information research fields currently available, machine learning is likely to be one of the most active and highly sought after in the tech industry.

There has never been a better time to develop an interest in this exciting field. The machine learning blogs mentioned above are all great starting points for introducing yourself to the subject’s key concepts.

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