With continuing advancements in digital and computer technology, as well as in mechanical engineering, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and robots is growing incrementally at all levels in our society.

There are different AI-focused companies in the world, with the most advanced often being multiple companies collaborating in this area of business. In this article, we present our list of the ten top robotics companies and ventures in the world.

Robotics Companies: FAQ

A range of basic questions come up when considering which tech leaders have emerged as the best robotics companies in this progressive age. Here are some examples with our brief responses.

1. What Is a Robot?

2. How Can We Benefit from Using Robots?

3. What Are Characteristics of the Best Robotics Companies?

How We Evaluated Robotics Companies

We researched many of what experts hold to be the best robotics companies in the world. These companies are top-rated, and a few names will surely ring a bell with many of you. We have tried rigorously to create an unbiased list, taking into account customer reviews as well as product claims and company history.

Entities on Our List

  • iRobot
  • Epson Robots
  • GreyOrange
  • Rethink Robotics
  • Alphabet Inc.
  • DJI
  • Locus Robotics
  • Schunk
  • Vex Robotics
  • Autonomous Solutions
  • iRobot

    iRobot is an American technology company created in 1990 by three MIT graduates. The headquarters is located in Delaware, and it is the center for production and administrative tasks.

    This company is primarily engaged in the design and production of home tools and robots, some of which are designed to work both indoors and outdoors. Examples of iRobot products include vacuum cleaners, floor moppers, and other devices which can act autonomously once set up and programmed for your space. This company has also created other devices and robots deployed in various industrial applications. Here are some examples of those products.


    Scooba was the name of the original floor-mopping robot designed by iRobot. This robotic cleaning device was released for public purchase around 2006, and it sold thousands of units before its inevitable replacement in 2016.


    This robot was the primary replacement for Scooba in the iRobot line, and it could clean more surface types effectively. The Braava was introduced in 2016.


    This heavy-duty robot is useful for automated pool cleaning.

    Our research indicates that some significant iRobot products have not passed the compulsory risk assessment tests for robots, and, thus, remain in development. One example is the ConnectR, a robot initially designed to fly and act as a drone. In our view, iRobot clearly belongs on any list of the best robotics companies, despite some notable failures in pleasing consumers consistently.

    Epson Robots

    This Japanese tech leader is known for advances in technology and robotics, and they have made their mark on our list of top robotics companies out there today. Epson Robots is a branch of the famous tech giant Seiko-Epson, a company long engaged in the creation of leading-edge computer hardware and watches.

    Epson Robots manufactures AI-based devices for factory automation. Unlike iRobot products, their robots cannot be used in homes, but only for industrial purposes. This company currently manufactures three types of robots: its Cartesian, SCARA, and 6-axis industrial robots. This company has over 30,000 robots installed in different factories in the world, and this is as a result of its PC based controller, which makes robot “learning” for various tasks much easier and faster.


    GreyOrange is a company that designs automated robots for warehouse applications. GreyOrange has two systems: the Butler and the Linear Sorter. GreyOrange robots are intended to fulfill real-world business needs, and the company claims the ability to adapt them to your business dynamics.

    The Butler

    Just like iRobot, GreyOrange puts thought and energy into the brand names of their robots, and this is evident with this product. The Butler is an autonomous, science-driven, high-tech robot that works on various mobile platforms. This robot can be deployed for different tasks like automated put-away, inventory storage, replenishment of exhausted goods, and order fulfillment across multiple distribution centers.

    The Linear Sorter

    The GreyOrange linear sorter refers to a flexible and scalable sorting system that can manage many aspects of package handling and other tasks. It is an excellent routing tool useful for routing parcels and packages, while also providing reliable information about their destinations, volumes, weights, and item/batch numbers.

    Rethink Robotics

    Rethink Robotics, in its original incarnation, was an American robotics company involved in the creation of collaborative robots (cobots) for industrial purposes. This company was established in 2008 and shut down ten years later in 2018. However, the Hahn Group later acquired its intellectual property in October 2018.

    A Leader in AI and Collaborative Robots for Industry

    During its active years, Rethink Robotics (once also known as Heartland Robotics Inc.) was a top player in AI technology and production. The company’s initial plan was to create low-cost robots that could perform low- and medium-complexity factory tasks. This goal was met with their initial creation of the robot Baxter. They later went on to release another robot named Sawyer in 2015. The Sawyer model was intended to be an upgrade to Baxter; that is, it was designed to perform more advanced tasks than the former.

    Rethink Robotics distributed their first cobots in Australia and New Zealand, and these bots were programmed to work alongside (rather than replacing) human workers. An overall low market success rate led to the demise of this AI-focused robotics company, but it made many important strides in the industry. Rethink Robotics was one of the best robotics companies out there for a significant period, in part due to the low cost of its products. We have heard rumors of a second life for this entity in the near future.

    Alphabet Inc.

    Google’s “parent” company is one of the best robotics companies out there, and its featured product, the Google Schaft, shows why. Alphabet Inc. is a multinational holding company which has an eye for the newest and trending technologies. This entity also oversees Astro Teller, Access, Calico, CapitalG, GV, Nest, and Verily, among other tech companies. These companies are all AI-driven, and that is derived mostly from Google’s advancements in technology. X, a project controlled by Astro Teller, is designed to make use of AI in organizing other companies under Alphabet Inc.

    woman and robot


    DJI is a robotics company mainly involved in the creation of fly drones and aerial photography bots. This Chinese company was established in 2006, and it has since been at the top of experts’ lists when it comes to creating unmanned drones. These drones are built for civilian and commercial purposes only, and they should not be confused with military drones.

    DJI has won several awards for its drone camera technology, including the Technology and Engineering Emmy Award in 2017. This is an example of a robotics company producing both fun and useful products you may want to consider for purchase yourself.

    Flight Controllers

    DJI produces flight controllers with advanced drone technology, thus making their products more reliable than other robotic companies when it comes to flying drones. These controllers are designed with orientation, landing function, and free-fly features. DJI flight controllers make use of GPS compass, LED indicators and Bluetooth connectivity capabilities as well.


    This is an automated camera designed for cinematography and filmmaking. It can be operated in a manned or unmanned format (that is, it can work on its own if programmed to do so).

    DJI is perhaps best known for the Phantom drone, which is currently its most popular product.

    Locus Robotics

    Locus Robotics focuses on warehouse management and control of e-commerce shops. This company was founded in 2004, and it has since become one of the leading robotics companies in the world. Locus robots are useful for calculating and addressing labor costs associated with running your business.

    This company mostly produce robots that are useful when you want to optimize work performance. They are safe when working with people, and they can carry out many fairly advanced tasks. They can also operate autonomously, and this feature is useful when you wish to cut down employment costs.


    Schunk is a German company with operations in both Germany and the United States. This company was established in 1945 by Friedrich Schunk, and its headquarters is in Lauffen/Neckar, Germany. This company is known mostly for producing robot accessories, mechanical tools, and work automation products and concepts.

    Schunk tops our list of robotics companies when it comes to the production of competent gripping and rotary modules. With over 11,000 components deployed, this company offers the largest variety of gripping and clamping system technologies you can find in the world. Buyers have the option of picking a two-finger or a three-finger gripping system.

    VEX Robotics

    VEX Robotics, also known as VEX EDR, is a classroom-integrated learning system designed for a better understanding of various AI concepts. VEX EDR places an intense focus on STEM education methods, and this is one reason for its popularity. Its emphasis on helping students rather than making profits alone is one of the reasons why this company makes our list of the best robotics companies in the world today.

    There are many AI-focused educational programs offered by VEX Robotics. Also, the VEX Robotics Competition is open to students in more than 40 countries. VEX EDR provides self-teaching programs and guides that make robotics learning more straightforward and comfortable. Some examples of their products include the following:
    • V5 System Bundle
    • V5 Classroom Starter Kit
    • V5 Competition Starter Kit

    Autonomous Solutions

    Autonomous Solutions is a robotics company established in 2000. This company has its roots among scholars at the University of Utah, and its headquarters remains in that state. Autonomous Solutions is a robotics powerhouse primarily due to its wide variety of products. This company engages in creating top-notch and high-quality robots useful in agriculture, homes and even in military applications. There are a lot of bots to choose from, including products in the categories covered below.


    Autonomous Solutions has tagged its robots as the future of farming, and we see no reason to doubt that. Robots in this sector are built with high intelligence for avoiding dangers, detecting obstacles, and completing tasks efficiently, whether manned or unmanned. You can add these robots to your tractors or bulldozers to make working on your farm quicker and more effective.

    Cleaning/Home Service

    As the demand for automated cleaning continues to mount, designers at Autonomous Solutions have decided that it’s high time they started creating robots to carry out various house chores.


    ASI is engaged in the design and manufacture of unmanned mining robots instrumental in reducing the risks of miners going underground. It also reduces labor costs for mining companies and helps improve dust suppression, which has key environmental benefits.



    Our list of the best robotics companies is drawn from a range of specific sources, so it is possible you might have other nominees. However, we recommend exploring one or more of the companies listed above to feed your knowledge of robotics and fulfill any robot purchasing objectives.

    We highly recommend considering Autonomous Solutions as a starting point. This company offers a variety of products that can be useful for industrial purposes. For home service robots, we recommend you take a look at the line available from iRobot.