The amount of information available on the internet about artificial intelligence and machine learning is overwhelming. Academic papers, eCourses, YouTube videos, and blogs abound, and it can be difficult to find the best place to get the information you need. However, those tapped into the machine learning network follow a few expert blogs. Following these blogs, and their authors on social media, is the best way to level up your knowledge of machine learning.

A fair warning, though: many of these blogs are written by experts for other experts. As a result, if you don’t have previous training in the basics of machine learning they might be over your head. If you’re a complete beginner to machine learning, blog #11 on this list is a good place to start.

The Top Blogs About AI and Machine Learning

The blogs below focus on various aspects of artificial intelligence, algorithms, probability, linguistic recognition, and other machine learning concepts. Each blog has its own angle and style. For instance, some of these blogs are written by PhD’s about their theoretical research, while others focus on practical applications of machine learning, and still others talk about learning how machine learning works.

That said, it may take some time to find a blog you understand, appreciate, and enjoy on this list, but there’s something here for everyone. Hope you enjoy this list of the best machine learning blogs.

1. Colah’s Blog

Colah is the blog of Christoper Olaf. Christopher uses his blog to discuss new concepts he’s learning about and explain core concepts in machine learning. These explainers are really Colah’s strong suit as a blog, and the blog’s posts and primers are neatly organized by subject area. In addition to running the blog, Christoper is an active developer and you can view some of his projects on Github.

2. I am trask

This is the blog of Andrew Trask, a researcher at Google’s DeepMind and a PhD candidate at Oxford. He calls the blog a “machine learning craftsmanship blog,” focusing on building good, ethical projects and applications of machine learning. On the blog, he shares insights on AI, machine learning, and life in general.

3. The Information Structuralist

The Information Structuralist comes to us from Professor Maxim Raginsky at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne. The blog spans math, physics, statistical learning, and even a category Dr. Raginsky calls “academic snark.” This blog is academic and theoretical much of the time.

4. Computation & Control

Jerome Le Ny is a professor at Polytechnique Montreal where he teaches courses in robotics, decision analysis, and control theory. His blog, Computation & Control, focuses on control theory, a related field to machine learning that focuses on adjusting inputs into dynamic systems in order to control outputs.  Le Ny got his PhD from MIT and worked as a post-doc at Penn before joining Polytechnique Montreal.

5. Machine Learning, etc.

Yaroslav Bulatov writes Machine Learning, etc, a popular blog that covers many aspects of machine learning. While Bulatov wrote many posts in years past, he has averaged one post per year over the past five years. The archives are still worth visiting, though, as the posts offer in-depth analysis and lots of images/graphics to support the text.

6. Machine Learning (Theory)

John Langford at Microsoft Research is behind this blog that, as promised, focuses prominently on the theory of machine learning. However, this blog is unique for its guest posts from various other experts in the field of machine learning.

7. Adventures in Data Land

Alex Smola documented his journey through a PhD program at Carnegie Mellon University in this very readable blog. Smola’s simple language a great explanations make this a blog that even beginners could get interested in. Alex finished his PhD last year, and he also stopped writing the blog. He now works for Amazon.

8. Edwin Chen’s Blog

This former Google and Twitter employee offers his thoughts on the meeting point machine learning, linguistics, and math. Currently doing research in linguistics and math at MIT, Chen has an excellent command of the practical applications of machine learning. His blog is also surprisingly funny at times, making it one of the easier to read blogs in this list.

9. WildML

For those interested in natural language learning and machine language interpretation, Denny Britz’s blog, WildML, is a great read.  Denny is currently working on the Google Brain Team.

10. Inductio Ex Machina

This blog hasn’t seen a new post since 2015, but it ran for 8 years from 2007 until its last post. The man behind the blog was Mark Reid, a former professor at Australian National University. Mark now works as a senior software engineer at Apple. His blog focuses on algorithms, proofs, and theory of machine learning.

11. Machine Learning Mastery

This blog is awesome for beginners through intermediate machine learning enthusiasts. Jason Brownlee started his journey learning about machine learning through books, blogs, and videos. The site has a “Start Here” section specifically designed for beginners who want to get their feet wet in machine learning.

The Best Blogs About Machine Learning

This list of the best machine learning blogs is far from comprehensive, but it’s an excellent starting point to find out more about the rapidly growing field. With new developments in algorithms, debugging, and computing power, machine learning changes quickly. Following these blogs (and their authors on social media) will keep you up to date on all the latest developments.

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